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Supporting EU citizens and their family members

We continue in our commitment in supporting EU citizens and their family members in protecting their right to reside in the UK. A no-deal Brexit appears to be more likely than ever and the safest way for most EU Citizens and their family members is to submit an application under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). EUSS applications should be submitted as soon as possible as those who are not resident by 31 January 2020 will not be eligible to apply, in the event of a no-deal. Employers who have a significant EU workforce should also consider ways to support their EU workers during this critical period.  

We are introducing our EU Settlement Scheme clinic which is open to all EU nationals, their family members and organisations employing EU nationals or their family members. The EU Settlement Scheme clinic is a flexible service whereby you can book an appointment for up to an hour with one of our experienced immigration experts. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your circumstances or your family's circumstances. We will then be able to review your documents and assist you in applying under the EU Settlement Scheme during the appointment.

We aim to provide a transparent, quick and effective solution to EU nationals and their family members.

The appointment can be held virtually via video or telephone call wherever you are. Please note we charge a fixed fee for this service.

Please contact us on 020 7539 8000 or email for more information on how to book an appointment.


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