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Clarkslegal, corporate lawyers for the Hotel, Leisure, and Hospitality sector.

Who do we work for?

Whether you're a sole trader running a coffee shop, the owner of a family hotel or B&B or the CEO of a major chain of hotels, the team at Clarkslegal is here to help you.

Our dedicated team of hospitality lawyers offers a full range of corporate services to clients in the hotel, tourism, and leisure industry sectors regardless of size or location.

How the team works – A collaborative approach. 

At Clarkslegal we take a collaborative approach to the way we work, which means the whole firm works as one team. Sharing expertise, information and experience between each department of the firm means our clients really see the benefits.

We work for public and private companies, institutional investors, partnerships, industrial and provident societies, and private individuals.

How can our corporate lawyers help you?

Our corporate lawyers provide advice and support to hotel, tourism and leisure sector clients on the following:

Mergers and acquisitions in the Hotel, Tourism and Leisure Sector (M&A) 

The mergers and acquisitions lawyers at Clarkslegal provide specialist legal advice on all aspects of M&A transactions, and work for a wide range of clients including public and private corporate clients, institutional investors and private individuals.

We work with clients in the UK and internationally using TAGLaw, our global network of preferred law firms.

We have experience of dealing with complex, sensitive and high profile transactions, as well as cross-border transactions.


Corporate restructuring

Our corporate team are here to assist and advise if you or your directors are considering:

  • Making changes to the structure of your company or
  • Disposing of certain assets, either because the company wants to focus on parts of its business that are growing, or because it wants to reduce its exposure to a part of the business that is in decline and needs to free up liquidity.

Negotiating and drafting agreements

This will be done in conjunction with the client, the business that is being bought or sold, other advisers (e.g. accountants) and any financiers.

Due diligence

The in-depth investigation by lawyers to verify the accuracy of information passed from the seller to the buyer. The process establishes the financial strength of the company; the outright ownership of all assets; whether there are outstanding debts or other claims against the company; any environmental or other liabilities that could reduce the value of the business in the future.

Supported by a high quality multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, we provide expert legal and commercial due diligence support to clients and other professionals, whether in preparation for an acquisition or disposal or as a one off piece of work.

Arrange financing

From whomever or wherever you are raising finance, be it banks or other types of investors, it is almost certain the they will insist on some kind of security for their investment, e.g. participation in the shareholding, taking out a mortgage over property or other collateral.

If you need secured lending advice our team will guide you through the process and deal with the complex documents that are required.

Completion of the transaction

Ensuring all necessary formalities have been covered. Company law requires that decisions are made at properly convened board meetings and recorded in written resolutions.

all post-completion registrations and procedures.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, when dealing with Clarkslegal you are guaranteed to have on board a team of legal experts that has all the relevant experience and specialist knowledge needed to ensure your deal goes as smoothly as possible.

We understand the pressures and concerns that clients face and, more importantly, we know the best way to resolve problems quickly and effectively.

We act for individuals, first-time buyers as well as large established international chains. We have advised owners, operators and franchisees of brands as well as creative clients and investors in the sector.





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