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Anthony Krensel
Solicitor (Australia)

I work in Clarkslegal's Dispute Resolution Team, providing advice and assistance on a variety of matters.  I will support you in managing and resolving prospective disputes, negotiating beneficial outcomes, driving contentious litigation, and responding to investigations.

I bring a strong technical background and higher education in science, finance, and law, and have experience in numerous complex disputes in Australia and England.

I have a particular interest in law in the commercial context.  I am experienced in analysing business structures, advising on the consequences of legal breaches and disputes, managing business exits, and identifying risks and opportunities to negotiate ideal outcomes or bring and defend claims.

Commercial disputes can appear complicated, but I take pride in striving to identify the best option for a client to minimise the cost and difficulty they face moving forward.  I am very comfortable managing sensitive issues and confidential commercial information in these circumstances.  Where disputes are high-stakes and very contentious, I excel in my thorough and inquisitive approach to identify all evidence and arguments available to achieve the strongest available position in a dispute.

I have assisted telecommunications and technology companies in disputes both local to the UK and spanning Europe and Latin America, and have an understanding of the fundamental issues such businesses face.  I can assist you with recovering or exiting failed projects, negotiating or litigating service outage disputes and termination liabilities, as well as managing or limiting reputational fallout and its commercial consequences.

I have experience advising and assisting organisations and individuals on their obligations and rights under the Data Protection Act, confidentiality, and the laws applying to a client’s online presence.  I can assist clients to manage the risks associated with critical data breaches, to respond to investigations by the Information Commissioner and subject access requests by individuals, and to negotiate and litigate claims for the “right to be forgotten”.

I have managed copyright and trademark disputes, and supported a large complex claim on an advanced mining technology patent in the High Court.  I can bring my scientific and technical background to bear in analysing the IP implications of technical documentation.

I have experience in analysing claims and risks for funds managers, investment bankers, retail finance, shareholders, and property investment managers and developers.  This includes regulatory and statutory risks as well as contract claims, fiduciary/trustee duties, and tortious liabilities, concerning both public and private corporate structures.  My very strong finance background allows me to deconstruct complex financial arrangements and investments to understand the key legal arguments that may be made, and to identify an effective path to achieve outcomes in contentious matters.

I have advised and assisted with a variety of consumer rights disputes under both the new Consumer Rights Act and the old Sale of Goods regimes.  I can assist you to manage product recalls, consumers and customers seeking redress for defective products, and the potential liabilities that flow, including criminal liability in serious cases.