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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is born out of powerful ideas and inventions that deserve protection. Our lawyers provide the industry insight to manage, protect and exploit your IP portfolio.

Our intellectual property solicitors have expertise in the laws and rights that protect IP and will work with you across many areas including patents, copyright, trademarks and registered designs, exploiting those opportunities whilst resolving problems as they arise.

We support across technology transfers, spin out companies, licensing and IP audit and strategies. Our expertise covers construction, food and drink and sports industries, IT & Software, and advising companies on IP and wider issues such as advertising and sponsorship deals.


Copyright protects work that is created or originated with an author from being copied or reproduced. Without permission of the copyright owner or third party licensing it would be an infringement of copyright to make copies or direct transcriptions.

As a result of our involvement in the media, technology and communications sectors, our team have a full understanding of copyright law and related commercial issues, advising on copyright licensing agreements and related areas such as the licensing of computer software.

Trademarks & Designs

Trademarks are signs that are registered for products or services and help to identify a trader and can include words, slogans, logos, shapes, colours and sounds. Our team is experienced at advising clients on the most effective way of protecting their brands and designs.

Our service includes the registration of trademarks and designs, their licensing and enforcement through litigation if necessary. Our membership of international legal networks (TAGLaw and the IT & IP Law Group Europe) also ensures that we can call on overseas legal experts to protect brands and designs internationally.

Patents and Knowhow

Patents protect an invention and gives you the right to take legal action from anyone making, selling or using the invention without permission. Working with many innovative companies, we assist in the protection of their new inventions and processes.

Whether advising on patentability, or the best means of exploitation, we strive to take a strategic approach, always bearing in mind the client’s primary commercial aims. In addition to our work with patents, we are also active in related areas such as drafting and negotiating know-how and research and development agreements.

Trade secrets and confidential information

For an increasing number of businesses, their key assets are information, know-how or ideas that need protection. Confidential business information that can be protected as a trade secret are those that have a competitive edge and is unknown to others and can include technical, financial and commercial information.

Our team is experienced in drafting appropriate confidentiality agreements to allow our clients to disclose and receive confidential information safely.

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