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HR Support and training

HR Consultancy

Our HR Consultancy Forbury People Ltd. offers a wide range of HR services and experiences to our clients. It provides us with the ability to assist clients in finding HR solutions, both from a strategic and operational perspective, in addition to having the ability to manage and deliver projects. Whether looking at employee engagement and industrial relations issues, recruitment and retention processes, or compensation and reward, we can provide clients with a broad range of HR Solutions.

Performance Management

Underperforming employees can have a detrimental impact on your business’ reputation, performance and staff morale. We can advise you on all aspects of handling performance issues, including performance improvement plans, drafting capability policies, taking disciplinary action, disability discrimination risks and without prejudice negotiations.

Pay and Benefits

Rewarding your employees appropriately can be a significant factor in staff retention. We can advise you on all issues surrounding pay and benefits, from negotiating and drafting bonus schemes and other benefits packages, to advising on whether discretionary benefits are contractual, to dealing with equal pay and unlawful deduction from wages claims.