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Employment Law Support for Individuals

Our team of employment law solicitors are specialists. Clarkslegal offer , cost-effective advice and support to individuals, providing user-friendly advice without the legal jargon. Our friendly approach has warranted our excellent reputation for providing advice to individuals, from employees to consultants/contractors, Partners and Directors in employment matters.

Read more about our areas of expertise:

Conciliation & mediation

We have a wealth of experience in representing individuals at all stages of the tribunal process, from drafting the claim form to undertaking the advocacy ourselves at the hearing. We are experienced in negotiating favourable settlement packages through ACAS and encourage the use of conciliation and mediation where appropriate. If needed, we can call on independent mediators from our HR Consultancy, Forbury People Ltd.

Contract & pay issues

Interpreting your contract, trade union agreements or custom and practices within the business and how they affect your rights in terms of pay, holiday entitlement, bonuses and share options, to name but a few, can sometimes be bewildering. Our team of lawyers can help you with any queries you may have regarding your contractual rights, pay and benefits, including questions about equal pay.

Data access requests

Companies hold significant amounts of data on their employees and other staff. We can help you find out exactly what data the company holds on you, for what purpose it holds such data and who has access to such data. If it is breaching its duties in respect of your data we can advise you on your rights.

Disciplinaries & grievances

If you need support and advice because you are being disciplined or you need to raise a grievance, give us a call. We can provide you with sound and practical advice on the merits of a grievance and how best to present your case, or in the case of disciplinary action being taken against you, help you understand the case against you, the implications and how best to present your side of the story. We can help you draft letters, prepare statements and respond to questions from your employer.

Discrimination & harassment

Whether you believe you have been treated unfavourably because of your sex, age, race, disability, sexual orientation or other reason that may be prohibited under the Equality Act, harassed, bullied or paid less than a counterpart of the opposite sex doing the same or similar work, we can guide you through the complex legal framework around equal opportunities legislation and explain your rights in simple user friendly terms. We can help you put questions to your employer and challenge conducts and behaviours on your behalf.

Maternity & family friendly rights

There are a number of laws that give substantial rights to workers with families and protect them from experiencing discriminatory treatment in the workplace. We can advise you on all aspects of this area including maternity, paternity and adoption rights, parental and dependant leave and flexible working requests.

Redundancy & outsourcing

Finding yourself at risk of redundancy or transferred to another employer as part of an outsourcing exercise can be a very stressful time. We can help alleviate some of that stress by providing you with clear, practical advice on the consultation process, explaining whether you have any potential claims or assisting with negotiating severance terms.

Restrictive covenants & confidentiality

Starting work for a new employer is an exciting time. However, you may want to think about what contractual restrictions are placed on your future employability. Alternatively, you may need to know if you are able to start work for a competitor or set up your own competing business. We can advise you on your contractual terms and how you may negotiate improvements to your advantage.

Settlement agreements

We are able to provide you with independent legal advice on settlement agreements. In addition we can help you negotiate terms, giving you advice on tactics and/or potential claims. 

Unfair dismissals

We regularly advise individuals on all aspects of unfair dismissal, whether relating to performance, misconduct, ill-health or redundancy. The fact that we also advise companies on dismissal processes means we are well equipped to see all angles of a claim and how to best position you when dealing with your employer, whether in terms of defending your position or negotiating an exit on favourable terms. We can advise you on whether you are engaged as an employee worker or contractor and what rights are available to you depending on your status.


We are very familiar with helping employees who believe they have been dismissed or treated unfavourably because of whistleblowing. These situations are not uncommon and can be immensely stressful for the individual bringing the claim. We can help you understand the scope of whistleblowing protection and advise on what steps you can take in the event that you are being mistreated by your employer or have been dismissed as a result of blowing the whistle on some malpractice.