Clarkslegal LLP - Solicitors in Reading and London

Crisis Management

All companies need to be prepared for the unexpected and provide rapid response to protect business interests, reputation and key relationships. We are experts at helping organisations identify and prepare some of the more expected unexpected events that impact their business.

Corporate recovery/restructuring

We have an excellent reputation and proven track record in restructuring and change management programmes whether through major restructures, pension change or implementing new ways of working through contractual change.

We offer sound strategic and legal advice to management of all levels to address the challenges faced by all businesses to reduce costs, improve efficiency and introduce new thinking and technologies to the workplace, whilst continuing to deliver quality service and an engaged workforce.

Industrial action/contingency planning/union campaigns

Something no organisation wants, but in the event it happens, knowing exactly how to respond to industrial action and ensure minimal damage to the business is vital.

We are highly experienced in dealing with industrial disruption, including union negotiations, strike management and avoidance, contingency planning and management negotiation training. We are also conscious that unions are becoming more sophisticated in their campaigns against companies who in turn also have to be better prepared for such campaigns and risk to reputation. We can help you achieve that preparation. In addition we can provide specialist industrial relations consultants to support your existing HR resource through our subsidiary HR company, Forbury People Limited, and deliver industrial relations training from foundation to strategic levels.

Media handling/corporate reputation

Increasingly, we find clients need support in dealing with commercial pressures and corporate reputation issues arising from campaigns mounted by unions, lobby groups or high profile individuals through social media campaigns or claims. We offer excellent support in those situations, working seamlessly with internal communications teams and external PR advisors.

Workforce and community engagement

Employees are vital to the success of any business; change is unsettling and we have excellent experience of establishing positive employee engagement mechanisms to support change programmes, through employee surveys and the creation of focus groups and employee forums, who engage with the business.

Business security and continuity

Securing business continuity in a crisis is vital. We can help you identify areas of risk, whether it is IT, plant and machinery, staff availability, reputational damage to key personnel or security breaches. We know how to ensure that in the event of industrial action or a damaging union or social media campaign, you are able to maintain business continuity and protect the organisation.