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Our corporate lawyers support large corporates, SMEs, owner-managed business, and early stage and start-up ventures on corporate issues and mergers & acquisitions.

We are committed to providing strategic commercial advice to help maximise value and manage risk.

Our corporate law team’s experience, dynamism and responsiveness, coupled with a solution-finding and deal-doing attitude, provides clients with a tangible sense of high quality and timely support and advice, with clients often endorsing the team’s ability to quickly get to grips with the key issues and delivering on key objectives.

> Mergers, acquisitions and disposals (including MBOs and MBIs)

Our M&A legal team advises on all aspects of buying and selling businesses, management buy-outs and management buy-ins for deals up to £100m in value. Supported by a large, multi-disciplinary, specialist team of lawyers, we undertake a wide range of acquisitions and disposals. Our network of international law firms allows us to regularly work on international transactions.

> Cross-border transactions

Our experienced M&A legal team regularly advise clients on cross-border transactions. Working closely with advisors from other jurisdictions, the team is well versed in running deals involving significant cross-border assets and is equally adept at supporting cross-border transactions where the principle element of the transaction is abroad.

> Owner managers

We have extensive experience of acting for owner managers seeking to exit their businesses. Whether it is a full or partial exit, our team prides itself on providing specialist legal and commercial advice to exiting owner managers to ensure maximum value and minimum risk.

> Start-ups and early stage

We understand the difficulties facing start-ups and early stage ventures. Our depth of experience acting for start-ups and early stage companies gives us the knowhow to advise clients effectively and efficiently and help them grow and achieve their ambitions. Our fantastic network of contacts allows us to make suitable and often significant introductions.

> Due diligence

Supported by a high quality multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, we engage in providing strong legal and commercial due diligence support to clients and other professionals, whether in preparation for an acquisition or disposal or as a one off piece of work.

> Share buybacks

A company purchasing its own shares sounds like a simple process but there are some complicated rules governing this corporate activity with serious implications for getting it wrong. The Clarkslegal corporate law team has advised many clients on various ways of undertaking the buy-back of shares and has an in-depth knowledge of the legal rules and processes involved.

> Fundraising - angels, private equity, venture capital

Our corporate law team is experienced in a wide range of fundraising, whether for starts ups or for established businesses seeking further investment – Clarkslegal runs its own investment network which works closely with the legal team. Acting for clients seeking investment and those making an investment gives us a deep understanding of the commercial issues and key objectives facing the parties. This allows us to take a prominent and decisive role in negotiations to effect a swift and effective conclusion.

> Reorganisations and demergers

We regularly advise clients on reorganising their group structure, whether in the form of a demerger, buy-out or other means. There are a number of commercial reasons why clients engage in such transactions and we work closely from the planning stage, together with tax advisers, to ensure a correct and seamless transaction with minimum disruption to the wider business.

> Banking and finance

Our corporate team advises on a wide range of banking and finance matters including corporate borrowing, project finance, acquisition finance, property finance, development finance, corporate debt and restructuring, asset finance and trade finance. We advise on straightforward lendings to complex national and international financings and securities.

> Islamic finance

Our corporate law team has experience of advising on Islamic finance. Working with Islamic scholars to ensure deals are Sharia compliant, our team can efficiently and effectively navigate through the complex documents and rules to deliver on client needs.

> University spin-outs

We have a number of clients who are spin-outs from Universities. We recognise that these are often early stage technology companies requiring responsive and cost effective advice. Our aim is to support these businesses to develop, grow and achieve their full potential.

> Business divorce – shareholder disputes and exits

Often a difficult and emotionally draining experience, shareholder disputes can be damaging to your business. We draw on our wealth of experience and our positive attitude to assist clients in achieving a quick and satisfactory conclusion to disputes whilst always ensuring the underlying value of the business is not materially affected.

> Shareholders’ agreements and joint ventures

Our corporate law team has an in-depth knowledge of advising on shareholders’ agreements and appreciates the sensitivities surrounding the issues contemplated by a shareholders’ agreement. Whether it is a simple agreement between a few shareholders, or a complex agreement dealing with a multitude of issues, we have the necessary expertise and experience to advise clients clearly and effectively.

The corporate team regularly advises clients on joint ventures, collaborations and partnerships and can assist in negotiating and formalising such arrangements.

> LLP and partnerships

We are experienced in acting for a wide range of traditional partnerships and LLPs, with a particular focus on professional partnerships. The corporate law team has a wealth of experience advising partnerships/LLPs, whether it is a simple incorporation, a partnership or LLP agreement, a retirement or dissolution, a merger or a complex partnership dispute.

> Director’s duties

Given the potentially serious implications of any wrongdoing, it is often surprising how many directors are unaware of the statutory rights and restrictions placed on directors. A complicated and convoluted area of corporate law, we specialise in advising directors on what they can and cannot do, their duties, powers, rights and restrictions as directors.

> Company matters, company secretarial and governance

We are often asked to advise clients on general company law matter and governance. An in-depth and solid knowledge of the Companies Acts means the team are always at hand to help.

We have a dedicated team undertaking company secretarial matters for private companies, from a registered office only facility to an all encompassing full company secretarial service.