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Our commercial lawyers support you in growing your business by helping you achieve your commercial objectives. Whether you need assistance in negotiating and codifying your commercial agreements, specialist legal advice or post contract support, we provide it by giving you practical, proactive commercial advice that helps you focus on the key risks to your business. Many of our commercial law team have worked as in-house lawyers for major commercial organisations. We know how businesses operate, how to focus on the real risks to business and what action needs to be taken to mitigate those risks and get things done.

Our specialist commercial lawyers provide advice on all business related issues and all areas of commercial law and negotiate and draft agreements for clients across a broad range of sectors. Providing support in this area regularly involves tapping into the experience of our colleagues across the firm, particularly in the Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Corporate, Procurement and Dispute Resolution teams. To get in touch with our team, please use the Contact Form or call us on 0118 953 3955.

We can support you with:

> Commercial Contract Reviews

We specialise in advising on the Commercial Agents Regulations and are often asked to draft and negotiate commercial agency agreements and handle resulting disputes.

> Sales and Distribution Agreements

The aim of a commercial contract is to codify the commercial agreement made between your business and the other contracting party. In preparing, negotiating and reviewing contract we focus on the things that matter to your business, analyse the risks and help you to take a practical, proactive approach to the transaction to bring it to a close.

> Distribution Agreements

If you are looking at different routes to market for your goods and services, including looking to expand abroad, we can help you to choose the best approach and draft the necessary legal documents to support and implement that approach. We will help you decide the risk profile that you are comfortable with including looking at the indemnities warranties and limits of liability that might apply.

> Master Goods/Services Agreements

Many of our clients want to set out in writing the parameters of their relationship with other businesses whilst allowing those relationships to develop, for example by individual call off contracts for goods or services. A master goods/services agreement is a useful way to do this. With our experience in these types of agreements, coupled with our in-house expertise, we can help you put in place an agreement that allows your business relationships to grow within a structured environment.

> Standard Terms and Conditions

Most businesses have a set of standard terms and conditions, and whether they apply to a transaction depends upon how the contract is formed. As well as updating your terms we can advise you on the best processes to have in place to ensure that it is your terms, not those of the business you are contracting with, that apply.

> Franchising and Commercial Agency

Franchising is an increasingly popular means of expanding a business nationally and internationally to the benefit of both the franchisor and franchisee. We can help you choose the right franchising models, both at home and abroad. Our expertise in the food and beverage, healthcare and care sectors means that we have a raft of know-how that we can draw on in advising you and drawing up franchising agreements.

When discussing franchising with clients it is not uncommon for us to look at commercial agency as an alternate model. Our experience in advising on the Commercial Agents Regulations means we are well placed to support you in any decisions that you make and if required, draft and negotiate commercial agency agreements for you.

> Film and Media

We provide specialist advice and commercial agreements relating to film and media, including agreements with actors, directors, producers, script writers and crew members. Coupled with our immigration advice, we advise overseas film companies looking to work in the UK.

> Joint Ventures

Commercial collaborations are an increasingly effective way of getting business done. Whether you collaborate to provide services to a joint customer, to develop your offering or to expand into territories that might otherwise be unavailable to you, we can help you balance the risks and rewards in a fair and productive way between the joint venture partners.