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Our team of immigration lawyers has an excellent reputation for providing a high quality immigration service to businesses of all sizes, in a range of industry areas, on employing a global workforce. We also advise international companies on the visa issues involved in setting up a UK branch or subsidiary, as well as entrepreneurs and business people wanting to do business in the UK. As well as having flexible and transparent fee arrangements we really get to know your business, its short and long term concerns and issues, so we can tailor our support to you.

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At Clarkslegal we have a wealth of experience in assisting companies in obtaining a sponsorship licence, which allows the company to sponsor skilled workers from outside the EEA under the points based system, giving the company access to a global workforce and more flexibility over who they can employ. We can also advise companies with licences on their duties as sponsors and assist them with renewing their licence.
We can advise individuals on the visa options available to them based on their circumstances and objectives. For individuals from outside the EEA wanting to do business in the UK for up to 6 months at a time, the business visitor visa may be appropriate. This visa allows individuals to carry out specified activities in the UK without being sponsored by a UK company. Long-term visit visas are also available for individuals who will need to visit the UK regularly to do business.
All employers must ensure that their employees have the right to work in the UK and failure of this duty can lead to severe penalties from UKVI. We have advised numerous employers on carrying out right to work checks, as well as checking the right to work status of employees and dealing with those whose right has expired. By having lawyers that specialise in immigration and employment means that we can give a holistic approach to issues which often span both areas of law.
Companies that hold a sponsor licence must comply with the various sponsorship duties to avoid risking losing their licence and potentially the valuable employees that they sponsor. Drawing on our wealth of immigration experience, we can advise companies on these duties and help them find ways to manage these.
Where an organisation wants to hire or continue to employ a worker from outside the EEA, we can advise on the visa options available to them, based on their circumstances, short term and long term objectives. We understand that most businesses want to hire staff as quickly as possible with minimal disruption and we pride ourselves on the quality and speed of our service.
For organisations that employ a number of workers from outside the EEA, we can manage the entire visa process on your behalf including processing all visa applications from inside and outside the UK, administering the sponsor management system (SMS) and assigning certificates of sponsorship, answering ad hoc queries, giving regular training and carrying out mock audits to check compliance with your duties.
We understand that immigration law can appear overly complicated and unwieldy. We regularly advise clients on a variety of immigration-related queries, from the eligibility requirements and processing times of various visas, to how to deal with an employee without the right to work.
For organisations with a sponsorship licence you will want to ensure that you are fully complying with your various sponsorship duties including record keeping in case UKVI carry out an audit of your organisation. We have carried out numerous mock audits for clients including carrying out a full internal audit of HR files and providing a report with recommendations for action.

We can help companies who are based outside the UK but with no UK presence to set up here. We can assist senior employees by obtaining a visa as a representative of an overseas business which will enable them to set up a UK branch or subsidiary.

We have a wealth of experience in assisting individuals in obtaining Tier 2 (both General and Intra-Company Transfer) and Tier 5 visas in order to hire or transfer skilled workers. We can support applicants, their dependants and the employing organisation by checking the individual’s eligibility, options, immigration history and supporting documents and guiding them through the application process. We can also assist with renewal applications from inside the UK.
We regularly provide training to HR, recruitment, and management on various topics including right to work checks, the points based system and complying with sponsor duties. We tailor our training to the needs of our clients and try to make it as practical and interactive as possible.
A list of training topics can be found here.