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Business Recovery & Insolvency

Commercial Landlord and tenant Lease

Our experienced Real Estate and Property Litigation teams can provide advice to landlords and tenants on how to deal with insolvency events during the lifetime of a commercial lease.

Landlord Advice

We can assist with claims for non-payment of rent, other breaches of covenant, and forfeiture proceedings. We can also provide advice on any relevant statutory provisions (including the Coronavirus Act 2020) that may have an impact on your tenant’s position and the remedies available to you. Our best advice for any landlords concerned about their tenants ability to pay rent is to address the issue early and take professional advice on your options.

Tenant Advice 

We can also advise tenants on lease variations or rent concessions, and prepare suitable documentation to ensure legal and contractual enforceability of the terms agreed. Where relevant, we can also advise on possible claims under rent deposit agreements and lease guarantor obligations.

For immediate advice and assistance from our solicitors based in London and Reading, please call on 0118 958 5321 or email our insolvency team.