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Our Story

Michael Sippitt

Senior Consultant

Doing good work has been the secret of our success. Our founder Arthur Clark gave the same personal service that we aim to give today and many others have worked hard at this firm for decades to build the reputation which we trade on today.

Our enduring value is building relationships of trust. Each time we do a good job for someone we add to that reputation and that’s a key message for all of us in our practice.

I have always believed in the importance of long term relationships but also that innovation and trying to think progressively is the key to the long term success of the firm. For many years I have had an underlying vision of a multidisciplinary practice and felt that was the direction the legal profession should go. The important thing is for professionals to have the flexibility to provide what the client needs.

Although we’ve had a long journey, we’re only just beginning. There are always new worlds to conquer, new things to do – and we have so much to do.

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