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Automotive and Motor Industry

Passion – Our driving force

At Clarkslegal we have a history of working within the motor industry and automotive sector. The Automotive lawyers in the team are passionate about every aspect of your industry and they combine this passion with their legal expertise and in-depth knowledge of the sector to ensure that they deliver the highest quality legal services to their motor industry clients.

Convenience – The Pit stop

When it comes to legal matters there is usually one thing our clients are anxious to minimise and that is stress. To help make the lives of our clients easier we go the extra mile and we do this by providing an agile and convenient service.

Clarkslegal is a full service firm so when it comes to a matter that involves more than one area of law, perhaps a blend of employment, contract and property law, our clients do not have to engage the services of several firms to deal with it. Having the capability to manage everything under one roof, saves time, resources and money.

History – Our Pedigree

Over the past [How Many Years?] we have worked with many clients in the automotive sector such as BMW [need more names]
During that time, we have learned that clients don’t just want text book legal advice they want solutions and pragmatic legal guidance.

To achieve this, our team has taken a leaf out of the motorsports playbook and adopted an agile working process they call Joint Business Planning (JBP). The aim of JBP is to get the best results for you and this is achieved by blending and bundling our specific areas of expertise with your requirements and budget in dong this we aim to the get job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Central to JBP is our understanding of the legal challenges you face, be they complex regulatory and environmental matters, or supply chain issues and employment disputes.
Our motor industry clients include vehicle manufacturers, retailers, financing and insurance companies and logistics companies. We also advise manufacturers and distributors of vehicle components, fuels and lubricants.

To learn more about our joint business planning processes please contact the automotive team directly their details are below.
Areas of focus

• Commercial and supply chain agreements.
• Regulatory compliance.
• Environmental and waste management matters.
• Intellectual property protection.
• Competition and procurement.
• Buyer/supplier disputes.
• Product liability issues.
• Employment matters.
• Motorsports contracting, rule compliance breaches and fines.