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Managing Employees – Performance and Attendance


An introduction to help managers appreciate the impact of absence or poor performance and how to respond to the issues; understanding your behaviour as a manager in the context of constructive dismissal claims and identifying and managing stressed employees.

Topics covered:

  • Which Policy applies? Outline of Performance, Disciplinary, Absence from Work and Grievance Policies
  • Types of absence and absence management
  • The impact of recurring short term absences
  • Monitoring and recording absence
  • What to do with Fit Notes
  • Back to work discussions – the Do’s and Don’ts
  • Dealing with attendance levels that remain poor
  • The need for an Absence Management Policy and to follow process – establishing a fair dismissal
  • Pregnancy related sickness and disability related absence
  • Holidays and sickness absence
  • Notice pay for employees on sick leave
  • The need for a Performance Management procedure and to follow process – establishing a fair dismissal
  • Performance measures and Performance Improvement Plans
  • Dealing with common performance issues – case studies
  • Management behaviour and constructive dismissal
  • The duty of trust and confidence – when is it lost?
  • Stress at work and the employers duties
  • Recognising signs of stress and support at work


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