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Health and Wellbeing


An introduction to Health and Wellbeing in the workplace

Topics covered:

  • The purpose of Health and Wellbeing in the work place
  • Duties owed to the individual
  • Occupational Health reports – when they are required and what they can show
  • Occupational Health referrals - how to make referrals, contents of referrals, when they should be made and questions they should ask
  • Medical records – Access to Medical Records Act 1998 (AMRA)
  • Deemed knowledge of information in medical reports
  • Practical issues – what to do if someone refuses disclosure and when a doctor can refuse to disclose information to the individual
  • The need for consent when requesting medical records and reports from independent experts
  • Data Protection and medical records versus occupational health records – who owns the records and confidentiality issues
  • Overcoming the conflict - the need to disclose information for Data Protection Act requests versus need to protect confidentiality
  • Retention of Health documentation and Data Protection Act rules - compliance within HR


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