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Data Protection – a practical guide to handling subject access requests


A practical outline of the data protection regime with a focus on an individual’s right to access personal data (Subject Access Request).

Topics covered:

  • The Data Protection Regime – the Data Protection Directive and Data Protection Act 1998
  • Consequences of non-compliance – enforcement of the DPA regime and the Information Commissioner’s powers
  • Consequences of non-compliance – civil actions by individuals, compensation and criminal liability
  • Subject Access Requests in employment and their scope – entitlements of an individual making an SAR
  • Information covered by Subject Access Requests and types of data – Is it data? Is it personal data?
  • Validity of Subject Access Requests, making your response and information to be provided
  • Third party information
  • Exempt data in the employment context
  • Health records
  • Subject Access Request checklist


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