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Webinar: How to Defend a Procurement Challenge

From 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM on 13 September 2017

Procuring goods and services is a familiar but highly regulated area of law for the public sector. Adhering to the law is key during the whole of the tender process, and a significant amount of time and money can be wasted if an unsuccessful bidder seeks to challenge the outcome of a tender.

Clarkslegal’s Public Procurement team is pleased to offer you a free webinar providing tips for avoiding challenges, and, in the unfortunate event that they do arise, how best to deal with them. We will cover:

  1. Common mistakes leading to challenge
  2. Record keeping and requests for disclosure
  3. Timescales and procedures
  4. Recent legal developments

The webinar will explain the issues that local authorities, government departments, educational establishments and other public bodies need to consider when faced with a procurement challenge, and can be watched via the internet from the convenience of your office.

If you think a colleague might be interested in the webinar, please feel free to forward them the details. 

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