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Careers at Clarkslegal

Our people are at the core of what we do here at Clarkslegal. With employees working across multiple disciplines and departments, we aim to attract the brightest and most talented individuals. We want our lawyers and support staff to challenge themselves, to think broadly about the day job and see how they might make a difference to the way we and our clients do business in a global market where nothing stands still.

We care about the future and make connections that help businesses grow sustainably in a world that is becoming divided sharply into the “haves” and “have nots.” We want to share knowledge so that our clients value our input; to understand their vision and through our group companies and international networks, help deliver their objectives for a sustainable future.

If you are a team player, keen to make a difference, passionate, outward looking, sociable and curious, then you are the right person for us.

Our Commitments:

Supported Professional Development

We will support you to develop into the professional you want to be. You will be given the right amount of support and guidance to ensure that you thrive, whilst the freedom to progress through making your own choices and decisions. You will have regular 1 to 1 meetings with someone who will take a personal interest in your development. There will be an opportunity early on to work closely with clients as well as the chance to learn alongside more senior colleagues on more complex projects, all of which will add to your portfolio of skills and experience.

A Voice in the Business

We value our employee’s opinions and want to hear their ideas for innovation and change. It does not matter at what level you are or the role you have in the business, you may just have an idea that can make a difference and we want to hear about it. We give our employees the chance to run with their ideas if we think they might work.

Sustainable Career Growth

We know that our future depends on sustainable growth and we look to innovate with everything we do. Growth is not about size, it is about learning how we can do things better in every way for our clients and employees in an ever changing world. We recognise that our most precious growth is in our networks; the more connections we make, the more chance we have of being useful to our clients and creating sustainable growth for our employees’ futures.

International Opportunities

We work in a global market, so our growth plans are international. Our international connections and work are constantly expanding, assisted by our own Commonwealth Investment Platform (CEIP), made up of hubs from across the Commonwealth countries which we created to help facilitate trade and investment in sustainable technologies across the Commonwealth. We are also a member of TAGLaw, the third largest legal network in the world which gives us access to legal expertise in a multitude of other jurisdictions.

Stimulating and Rewarding Work

We work with some of the most amazing clients, whether they are international plcs, unique innovative SME’s or individual claimants. Each of them brings us new challenges and opportunities, whether from a legal, commercial, strategic or political perspective, or a combination of all these things! Life is never dull. We are proud that many of our clients have worked with us for years and treat us as part of their team because they have found us to be innovative, enthusiastic and above all, capable of finding the right right solution for them. If you want to work as part of one team with some wonderful clients, then we are the right firm for you.


Clarkslegal is not just a law firm. Our clients want solutions and we know that sometimes, the law may be only part of the solution to the problem. We have created Forbury People Limited, our HR Consultancy, so that we can tap into a huge talent resource for our clients to provide them with a seamless service of support that extends beyond or is in addition to the legal services that we provide. Furthermore, our other subsidiary companies, Forbury Investment Network, The Commonwealth Investment Platform and Forbury Business Club, allow us to extend our legal offering to clients in a way that is innovative, useful and strategic; so if you’re looking for diversity in your role, Clarkslegal can provide it!