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Your Freedom - Buddy reviews suggestions on the HM Government website

23 July 2010 #Employment

Further to our previous blog about the Government`s new Your Freedom website which allows the public to suggest which laws it would like to see abolished or created, Buddy has reviewed some of the suggestions posted relating to Employment Legislation.


The ideas range from the obvious, such as repealing the default retirment age, the unlikley, such as scrapping unfair dismissal and discrimination law, the possible, such as changing the law on costs in the Tribunal, to the ridiculous such as annual leave for the unemployed or increasing the lenght of a week from 7 days to 8 days with the new day being called "sunandabitday".


Have a look at Buddy`s pick of the suggestions below.


·          Getting rid of the Working Time Regulations. This has been raised by many small business owners although it does not appear so popular with the wider public, the majority of whom are probably employees who enjoy the benefits of a maximum working week and paid holiday entitlement.


·          Changing the law to make it easier for Respondents to obtain costs in the Employment Tribunal when employees pursue hopeless cases. Or requiring all Claimant`s to pay a fee upfront before they bring a claim. If successful the fee would be refunded.


·          Generally making it easier for employers to hire and fire employees. More specific suggestions have included scrapping the law relating to unfair dismissal, and removing all employment legislation and simply require employers to pay any employee who is dismissed six month`s salary. The proposer of this ides states "This is ultimately what happens via the tribunal system anyway, so let`s cut to the chase"


·          Ending the restrictions on Sunday Trading.


·          Bringing in laws to provide Equal Pay for Equal work. Of course we all ready have law to provide for this under the Equal Pay Act, although its effectiveness is often questioned.


·          Abolishing the 5 day working week. This is not technically a law, and employers are slowly being encouraged to consider more flexible ways of working.


·          Exempting small businesses from discrimination law and maternity leave provisions.


·          Reducing annual leave entitlement back down to 20 days.


·          Giving Men maternity leave. I think this poster may have meant that men should be allowed to take an equal amount of leave as women rather than giving them maternity leave.


We would be interested to hear what buddy readers think of these proposals - and whether you have any of your own!

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