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Swiss bank UBS makes over 44 page dress code

20 January 2011 #Employment

The UBS dress code, which ran to 44 pages, has become something of an internet phenomenon after being leaked in December 2010.
The original dress code was extremely comprehensive. Interesting points raised include asking female staff to only wear underwear that matches their skin tone as well as a limit on the amount of jewellery a woman can wear (7 items at the most).
Women were also told not to wear new shoes, or skirts that are shorter than the  middle of their knee but not longer than 5 centimeters longer than this point.
A guide to applying makeup was also included, with the booklet stating "Light makeup consisting of foundation, mascara and discreet lipstick … will enhance your personality".  Black nail varnish should, apparently, be avoided. The hair-care section of the guide stated that well cared for hair and a stylish haircut "increase an individual`s popularity."
It was not just women who were subjected to barmy demand, however. Male staff were told that their fingernails should not be any longer than 1.5 millimeters long, although how this would be enforced is not clear. They were also told not to dye their hair, and to avoid designer stubble or excessive facial hair. How the latter impacted religious observance was not explored.
Regarding clothing to be worn by male staff members, the guide stated that underwear should be of good quality, washable, and remain undetectable. Black knee-high socks should also be worn as "they prevent showing bare skin when crossing legs" Men should also avoid knotting their ties in shapes that don`t match the "morphology of the face", whatever that means.
The eating of garlic and onions was banned for both sexes, as were showy accessories and trendy glasses. Both males and females were encouraged to wear watches as this was a sign of reliability and punctuality.
The bank has this week announced, however, that it would be reducing the guide to a more modest booklet concentrating on how to impress customers with a polished presence and sense of Swiss precision and decorum.

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