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Privacy Concerns: Facial Recognition in Public Spaces, Chrysilla de Vere writes extended article for The Internet Newsletter for Lawyers

02 October 2019 #Data Protection #Information Technology

In August, Clarkslegal Partner Chrysilla de Vere wrote a blog on the privacy issues surrounding the use of facial recognition. This was picked up by the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers who requested an extended article.

Live facial recognition technology or automatic facial recognition (AFR) adds another dimension to CCTV monitoring and other surveillance methods. Using biometrics (certain physical and physiological features), the technology can map facial features to identify particular individuals by matching these with a database of known faces. This technology has been in use for some years by certain public and government agencies, but with the advent of AI and machine learning, it has become more prevalent in the private sector.

The current debate

You are walking along a side street towards your office. Unbeknown to you a closed-circuit television with facial recognition capabilities is tracking your movements. Is this lawful?...

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If you are using CCTV camera surveillance and thinking of extending this to include facial recognition software and need advice on privacy and data protection, then contact our specialist Clarkslegal team.

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