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Join the Revolution: Going Circular

10 May 2016 #Corporate

A large majority of offices these days have recycling bins but, unfortunately, these bins are sometimes more symbolic and decorative than functional.

We all know the benefits of running a sustainable business but simply dotting recycling bins around the office isn’t going to get you anywhere if you’re not ensuring that they’re used properly. Of course, a recycling bin isn’t what sustainability (and going circular) is all about but it demonstrates your positive attitude towards the concept.

Sustainability means running your business in a way which minimises its impact on the environment and encouraging those in your network and your customers to do the same. It involves implementing a circular business model that ultimately saves on valuable resources, encourages innovation and can pave the way for millions of new jobs. Circular business models require resourcefulness and aim to make use of the things we have instead of producing (or asking someone else to do so) more.  

This is not only good for the world in which we live but it is also good for your bottom line. As more and more businesses around the world are adopting circular business models, with governments also getting onboard, these businesses are looking for other sustainable businesses to work with. It’s a circular economy.

We all have a responsibility to work collaboratively and protect our environment regardless of the size of our organisation. Some large corporates are already leading by example, including:

  • Jaguar Land Rover, who now manufactures its aluminium cars using 50% recycled aluminum; and
  • Sky, who produces sustainable entertainment boxes by, for example, reusing valuable components.

Come and talk to us to find out how we’re going circular.

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