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Investor Briefing: Raising £3-15m Finance for Cleantech Companies

08 June 2018 #Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups #Information Technology

Forbury Investment Network, in association with Rushlight Events and Ingenious, held a successful Investor Briefing on Raising £3-15m Finance for Cleantech Companies, on 24th May 2018.

The £3-15m funding range for cleantech companies is often the hardest one to address.  It is beyond what most business angels and high net worth individuals are prepared to cover, but below what the large professional investors will find attractive to engage with.   It can also be indicative of the business being at an early stage which has been another dampener on the spirits of a risk-averse investing community, given the relatively sound returns available on renewable energy projects when compared with interest rates.

This event looked at what is the latest position for cleantech companies looking to raise £3-15m of capital, what options exist, what can be done to be more successful at raising such sums and, perhaps most importantly, who to approach.




Panel Discussion moderated by Clive Hall, Rushlight Events, augmented by:
Guy Ranawake, Partner, Ingenious Group
Jim Totty, Managing Partner, Sustainable Technology Investors Ltd
Stirling Habbitts, Sector Lead Project Finance, Triodos Bank
Adrian Griffiths, Managing Director, Recycling Technologies
Simon Daniel, CEO, Moixa Energy

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