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EU proposal requiring employers to measure "psychological health" of staff

14 August 2012 #Employment

New rules are currently being drafted which stipulate that employers who are planning job cuts will have to measure the “psychosocial health” of staff. This will essentially mean that it will be mandatory for businesses planning on making job cuts to measure how happy their staff are before and after redundancy and help those worse affected into new job, under draft EU proposals.

It is envisaged under the proposals that measuring “psychosocial health” will allow employers to assess whether there has been a significant deterioration in workers mental health and well-being. If this is proven then employers would be obligated to offer retraining, coaching on interview technique and general help with finding a new job as a compromise making them redundant.

Employers face further restrictions in that they will have to formally assess and report on how their proposed redundancies will impact on the local community. This includes putting forward proposals as to how they would attempt to regenerate the area if the jobs cuts would mean many local people were out of work. This shows that under these new proposals employers will have a continuing form of liability to the community, which unlike current rules, stops once the redundancies have been made.

These EU proposals come at a time when the UK is trying hard to revamp employment law and some consider certain EU proposals such as discussed here as having a “burdensome” impact on UK businesses. In reality how easy will it be to measure the happiness of staff? People show emotions in different ways and it may be difficult to gauge the “worse affected”. Furthermore if these rules are passed, employers will ultimately face increased costs whilst attempting to comply with the law.

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