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Do you want fries - I mean AI with that?

29 August 2018 #Information Technology #Commercial #Food and Restaurants

Recent weather and its impact on the food chain has seen quite a bit of media coverage over the last couple of months.  However, the increased use and experiments with AI in all aspects of the food and beverage sector has also proved topical.

Whilst technology and AI has been used for some time to improve farming yields and efficiencies in the manufacturing processes, we are starting to see the use of AI in the food sector increase.  There are collaborations between AI and restaurant chains, where AI and robotics are being used to cook, prepare and plate up foods – such as the Caliburger and Miso Robotics collaboration which is likely to see “Flippy” rolled out across Caliburger restaurants all over the US over the not too distant future.

Dominos have also introduced “Dom” a voiced based application which is going to handle telephone ordering across its stores and AI is already in place in the construction process ensuring an even spread of ingredients over its products during the cooking process.

AI is now going further – 3D modelling and scanning is being used to show customers in restaurants and those ordering online, what a particular dish would look like.  Now tech is being used to decide what you would prefer to order without you thinking about it!  Tech based companies such as Dishq are developing software which can predict dishes based on consumer tastes, through understanding food flavour compounds and historic purchases.  

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