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Citizenship ceremonies on hold

01 April 2020 #Immigration



Once a citizenship application has been granted, an applicant usually has 3 months to book their citizenship ceremony. However, in light of Covid-19 as ceremonies are put on hold, the government has stated that applicants will now have 6 months to book their ceremony. This will be under review and if required it will be extended.

How important is the ceremony?

A citizenship ceremony may appear to be optional or just a formality, but a person does not become a British citizen until they have attended their ceremony. If you are over the age of 18 and your naturalisation application has been successful, then you are required by law to attend a ceremony. The purpose of the ceremony is to pledge your alliance to the Queen and country. This may seem archaic, but it is important to remember that the Home Office have always maintained that citizenship is a privilege, not a right.


  1. Who must attend a citizenship ceremony?

Anyone who is over the age of 18 and has had their application granted.

  1. Can you bring guests to the citizenship ceremony?

Yes, guests can attend the ceremony, but normally there is a limit of two guests.

  1. What do I take to the ceremony?

You must take your invitation letter and proof of ID.

  1. What happens at a citizenship ceremony?

You will make an Oath or Affirmation of allegiance to the Queen and pledge loyalty to the UK.

  1. Who arranges the citizenship ceremony?

Your local authority. You must call them to book an appointment.

  1. Where does the ceremony take place?

This will be a venue which has been arranged by your local authority.

  1. How do I prove that I am now British?

You will receive your naturalisation certificate at your ceremony. This is legal evidence of your status as a British citizen.

  1. What do I do if the details on my certificate are incorrect?

If you certificate needs amending, then you should immediately return it to the Home Office at the below address and explain what details need amending.


Department 201

The Capital Building


L3 9PP

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