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Buddy Quiz - how did you do?

16 January 2014 #Employment

Thank you to everyone who completed the last Buddy Quiz, posted throughout December. We have posted the answers to the questions below so you can check how you did!


As reported in the Buddy Weekly Bulletin on 8 November 2013, how many non-EU seasonal workers does the EU Commission estimate come to the EU every year?

a)      Over 25,000
b)      Over 50,000
c)       Over 75,000
d)      Over 100,000
e)      Over 125,000


In the recent case of Whittlestone v BJP Home Support Ltd, the Employment Appeal Tribunal considered whether time spent sleeping on a job and travelling for work should be paid at the National Minimum Wage. 

On the facts of the case, what was Mrs Whittlestone entitled to be paid the National Minimum Wage for?  Was it:

a)      her time on the “sleepover” and whilst travelling between assignments
b)      only her time on the “sleepover”
c)      only her time whilst travelling between assignments
d)      none of the above
e)      all of the above


In a recent case, Virgin Media sacked its employee Tracy Cordiner following her antics at last year’s Christmas party.  On what grounds was she dismissed?

a)      Gross misconduct having instigated a fight with colleagues
b)      Gross misconduct following misappropriation of staff gifts
c)      Gross misconduct for not wearing a Christmas jumper
d)      Gross misconduct following racist and sexual complaints from colleagues
e)      Gross misconduct for having caused damage to the venue


The government has confirmed this week its commitment to introducing a year of shared leave for new parents from April 2015.  A further change announced was that all parents of children under 18 will be permitted to take a period of unpaid parental leave per child, but how many weeks?

a)      17 weeks
b)      18 weeks
c)      19 weeks
d)      20 weeks
e)      21 weeks


What is the fee payable by an individual wishing to bring a claim for failure to inform and consult under TUPE?

a)      £110
b)      £160
c)      £210
d)      £260
e)      £310

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