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Buddy Quiz July - How did you do?

07 August 2014 #Employment

Thank you to everyone who completed the last Buddy Quiz, posted throughout July. We have posted the answers to the questions below so you can check how you did.

1. The Queen’s Speech identified various employment law proposals which included higher penalties for
    employers who fail to pay the minimum wage. However, what is the current minimum wage for those 
    aged 21 and over?

  • £6.31 per hour
  • £7.20 per hour
  • There is no minimum wage

2. The Flexible Working Regulations 2014 came into force on 30 June 2014. The Regulations extend the
    scope of those individuals who can request flexible working to:

  • All employees regardless of whether or not they are parents or carers
  • All employees with at least 25 weeks` service whether or not they are parents or carers
  • All employees who are parents or carers regardless of their length of service

3. The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill was recently published setting out various
    proposed changes, but what was the proposed change relating to zero hours contracts?

  • A complete ban on zero hours contracts
  • A requirement to increase the use of zero hours contracts
  • A provision to make any clause which tries to stop the worker working for somebody else void

4. A recent Supreme Court decision regarding the compulsory disclosure of criminal offences for
    individuals seeking to work with children held that:

  • Compulsory disclosure should be permitted at all times
  • Compulsory disclosure should be restricted to those working with children and vulnerable adults
  • Compulsory disclosure is in violation of the right to respect for private life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights
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