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Anonymous CV plans backed by major employers

17 January 2012 #Employment

More than 100 major UK business have pledged support to a government initiative that proposes  to ask for CVs without the name or school details of candidates, in order to safeguard against potential discrimination during the application process.

Firms such as Tesco, Barclays and Coca-Cola have agreed to the Government’s Business Compact, which stipulates the requirement to recruit "fairly and without discrimination" by the use of application forms that do not allow candidates to be overlooked due to the school they went to or their ethnicity.”

The agreement suggests that the aims of the initiative can be achieved by “name-blank" and "school-blank" applications, as it was believed both these types of questions could lead to discrimination during the selection process.

Other elements of the agreement include advertising work experience placements to people of different backgrounds online and in schools, instead of giving places to "informal contacts", and providing financial support or paying the national minimum wage to interns.  

This compact forms part of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg`s social mobility strategy, which aims to create a "what you know, not who you know" recruitment culture.  Mr Clegg has stated that in companies “opening doors to young people from all walks of life, this marks the start of a culture shift among major employers, driven by the belief that ability and drive should trump connections and privilege."  Despite the fact that more than 100 UK businesses have agreed to the compact, Mr Clegg will write to 50 more of the biggest UK companies asking them to sign up.

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