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New pressures on HR from supply chain risks
#Outsourcing & Supply Chain #Employment

Convergence of various developments will pull over stretched HR more towards how to manage and monitor supply chain issues, especially when contracting with overseas countries that have a high risk profile for workforce practices that offend international standards and UK corporate values....


Convergence of best practice and business sense: The role of Human Resources in a complex international landscape
#Employment #Outsourcing & Supply Chain #Supply Chain Governance

As reports of violence, extremism and endemic corruption across the world seem an everyday occurrence a perplexed business executive, who knows that there is a big world out there to do business in, may ask where on earth can I safely travel and where can I confidently do any business?...


Public procurement: can bidders who refuse to pay minimum wage be excluded?
#Public Procurement #Dispute Resolution #Outsourcing & Supply Chain

In the recent case of RegioPost GmbH v Stadt Landau in der Pfalz, the European Court of Justice has decided that excluding a bidder from a tender who had failed to complete a declaration confirming that it would pay minimum wage to its workers did not constitute a breach of European public procurement law. ...


Supply chain transparency: Modern Slavery statements now in force, check your year end date.
#Employment #Outsourcing & Supply Chain #Supply Chain Governance

Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act requiring commercial organisations, with a certain minimum turnover, to prepare a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year came into force yesterday, 29 October 2015....


Contracting authorities: check your specifications
#Public Procurement #Outsourcing & Supply Chain

A recent case before the European Court of Justice has underlined the need for contracting authorities to carefully check contract specifications before publishing tenders....


Immigration crack down in construction, care and cleaning sectors as first modern slavery claims made
#Immigration #Inward Investment #Outsourcing & Supply Chain #Supply Chain Governance

Six Lithuanians are suing Kent-based gangmaster operation DJ Houghton Catching Services in the High Court, for whom it is alleged that they were trafficked from Lithuania to work, in the first ever case of a UK firm being taken to court for modern slavery-related claims. ...

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