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Esma Kilic

Esma Kilic

Position: Senior Solicitor
Location: Reading

We are encouraged to be more than just lawyers.

What was your journey into your current role with Clarkslegal?

Having gained experience in various areas of law including litigation and commercial property, I joined Clarkslegal as a fairly newly qualified solicitor to specialise in non-contentious corporate and commercial transactions.

Tell us about a typical day in the office

I feel like I should say that no two days are the same (otherwise I’ll sound pretty square), however, I could easily sum it up. My day officially starts at 8:45am by going through emails and I’m generally on my second cup of coffee by 10:00am. I spend my day battling through multi-million pound transactions such as share sales, giving corporate governance advice to directors, drafting tripartite agreements because a client wants to provide services to one company and have its fees paid by another company, emailing and talking to people on the phone and keeping clients happy in general. That’s what I do every day (oh, and sometimes I go to events and the like – see below for more info!).

How has Clarkslegal supported you in reaching your career goals?

I’m all about extra-curricular activities. I love client contact, meeting other professionals and being involved in our firm’s associated companies (including the Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform, Forbury People and Forbury Investment). And, of course, I love my job.

The reason I love being at Clarkslegal is because we are a ‘diverse law firm’ (an opportunity to plug our motto). We are encouraged to be more than just lawyers. I don’t simply want to be an excellent lawyer in 20 years’ time, I also want to have a great network of professionals around me (not just my colleagues and clients) and want to have built up knowledge, expertise and skills in other areas.

What has been your favourite project here so far?

Preparing and running a training session for SMEs on how to run their businesses bearing in mind the legal stuff. This was definitely one of my highlights and continues to be as it’s an ongoing project. It’s a prime example of incorporating my legal knowledge and engaging in an extra-curricular activity.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Clarkslegal?

Being able to crack a smile every day. I can’t really pinpoint anything which isn’t already mentioned above, so I guess it’s the fact that I’m around people who are as fun, smiley and approachable as I am.

Describe your experience with Clarkslegal using 3 adjectives.

Educational, fun and open.