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The Four C’s of Co-working
#Information Technology #Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

Co-working is not a new concept, nor is it a fleeting craze. Last year, flexible work spaces made up over 20% of all commercial office leases in central London. This trend is not confined to the capital either; take-up of flexible work spaces in cities outside London increased 275% from 2016 to 2017. ...


'Crypto Confidence' - Zafar Kanani writes for Finance Monthly
#Commercial #Information Technology

The cryptowave is only going to build more momentum in the next 12 to 18 months. Just two weeks ago Barclays announced a partnership with a leading crypto company to facilitate payments to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, the most established crypto assets. This may reflect a trend of major financial institutions moving away from outright denunciation of cryptocurrencies to a cautious participation, marking a significant shift in their approach and making these assets much more accessible to new investors....


Clarkslegal co-hosted the Thames Valley IT Forum on Leadership
#Information Technology

Clarkslegal co-hosted the Thames Valley IT Forum with James Cowper Kreston, Barclay's and Laudis this morning at the Thames Valley Science Park....


The Latest in AI Innovation - Deepfake
#Information Technology

You may have heard of the latest AI-enabled technology Deepfake, and you would be forgiven if you tried to deny knowledge of its existence- given that the main product of this technology, as reported by hundreds of media outlets already, is of a pornographic nature....


Protecting Your Smartphone App
#Commercial #Commercial #Information Technology

As of March this year, Android users were able to choose between 2.8 million apps and Apple's App Store remained the second-largest app store with 2.2 million available apps ( This is a vast market, and, whilst many, many apps make little or no money for their developers, the odd one may just be gold dust....


Clarkslegal & forburyTECH host the Latest Thames Valley IT Forum @ Verizon in Reading alongside Barclays, James Cowper Kreston & LAUDIS Business Advisers
#Information Technology #Clarkslegal #Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups #Information Technology #Media & Entertainment

The IT Forum attracts decision-makers of likeminded SMEs in the telecoms and technology sector across the South East, offering a fun, informative and interactive networking platform...


The Battle of the Forms Continues
#Commercial #Information Technology

Those involved in ordering goods and services or putting contracts together will know that, unless individually negotiated, it can sometimes be difficult to know whose terms are incorporated into the final contract. The circumstances giving rise to this are frequently referred to as the Battle of the Forms. ...

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